North Carolina Primary Election Results: 11th House District

Nov 26, 2020 Travel News

Words of gratitude from North Carolina

In this season of collective uncertainty and heaviness, North Carolinians are proud of the many ways we have come together to care for one another. From state and local governments to essential health workers; there are innovative community farms, front yard potlucks that feed thousands over a weekend, and virtual arts, culture and politics programs that remind us to remember who we really are. as kind, generous and humble people who thrive close to the earth and hold family close.

In the face of this huge health pandemic, community activists and nonprofits in North Carolina continue the monumental task of combating racism, classism, gender phobia, sexism, ageism and xenophobia. We are grateful for those movements that encourage and facilitate dialogue around racial justice and anti-racism amid not-so-hidden racial agendas fueled by white supremacist groups who deliberately seek to incite violence.

North Carolinians take pride in our strengths and vulnerabilities that require us to reinvent possibilities, visions and commitment to create more compassionate communities for our children. Every day we create safe spaces and corridors of generosity where we can continue to thrive alone, but together, with trust. “Tenderness towards the unknown is tenderness towards oneself.”

Jaki Shelton Green, Poet Laureate from North Carolina