North Carolina Primary Election Results: 11th House District

Nov 26, 2020 Travel News

Words of gratitude from Alabama

In Alabama, we were thankful for a long, beautiful spring, a not too hot summer, and an fall that was about as perfect as the fall can get in the south, allowing us to see our friends and family in a more secure outdoor setting. A statewide mask mandate, in place since July, has helped slow the spread of Covid-19 further. In a state that loves its college football, schools have been able to put on at least a few games, making life a bit more normal for many. People here come together to help each other in times of crisis, while those struggling to end systemic injustice have persisted in their efforts. One of them, environmental health advocate Catherine Coleman Flowers, was recently named a MacArthur Fellow for her work to improve the lives of rural Alabamians.

– Jennifer Horne, Poet Laureate from Alabama