Wisconsin federal judge inflicts another defeat on Trump in court.

Dec 13, 2020 Travel News

Wisconsin federal judge inflicts another defeat on Trump in court.

A federal judge in Milwaukee on Saturday rejected President Trump’s latest effort to overturn the Wisconsin election results, dismissing the case and ruling it had failed “in law and in fact.”

In a firmly worded decision, Trump-appointed Judge Brett H. Ludwig who took office just three months ago shot down one of the president’s last remaining attempts to alter the results of a statewide. The decision came just a day after the Supreme Court rejected a bold move by the state of Texas to challenge election results in Wisconsin and three other battlefield states.

Judge Ludwig’s ruling was particularly significant because after the terse Supreme Court ruling on Friday evening, Mr Trump complained that courts across the country have dismissed dozens of his lawsuits on technical grounds and failed to give him given the opportunity to fully present its legal arguments.

Judge Ludwig, however, held a day-long hearing on Thursday and still found that Mr. Trump’s claims were lacking. He dismissed the case with prejudice, which means Mr. Trump cannot send it to the same court.

“This tribunal gave the plaintiff the opportunity to present his case,” Judge Ludwig wrote, “and he lost on the merits.”

The trial in Milwaukee echoed in many ways the petition filed by Texas, which was supported by 17 Republican attorneys general and more than 100 Republican members of the House of Representatives.