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What we know about Sidney Powell, the lawyer behind the savage vote conspiracy theories

In an interview last week on the top rated ‘Rush Limbaugh Show’ – in which she spoke for almost 20 minutes and encountered no skepticism from guest host Mark Steyn – Ms Powell claimed that the voting machines in question were designed to rig the elections for the former leader of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, who died in 2013. They were “so hackable that a 15-year-old could do it,” he said. she declared. And she cited unnamed “math experts” she allegedly consulted who told her how an algorithm added the votes for President Trump to Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s totals.

In an interview the day before on Fox Business, Ms Powell also said the plot involved “dead” who voted “in large numbers” – again without proof – and described how fraudulent paper ballots were also part of the stratagem.

Speaking earlier last week to right-wing radio host Mark Levin, which has talk-radio’s fourth-largest audience, Ms Powell said she obtained an affidavit from a person allegedly present when the project was developed by pro-Chávez forces in Venezuela. rig his elections.

Because of her involvement in the Flynn affair, pro-Trump media have often portrayed her as an expert with impeccable credentials.

“Sidney Powell is no joke,” said a Breitbart article published last week, which mentioned his early days as a federal prosecutor and his work for Mr. Flynn. Mr Limbaugh also told his audience last week that he seriously doubts she would put her credibility on the line if she did not uncover serious wrongdoing.

Other Trump allies were less convinced that his claims should be taken seriously. Fox News’ Tucker Carlson said last week that when he lobbied Ms Powell, she produced no evidence to support the elaborate plot she claimed to have uncovered. Her dissent was not appreciated by supporters of the president, nor by Ms. Powell, who said Mr. Carlson had been “very insulting, demanding and rude” to her.

Despite initial praise from the president, who announced less than two weeks ago that she had been added to his team of “wonderful avocadosIt was never clear during his brief time with the campaign what his job was meant to be. Her efforts on behalf of the Trump campaign seemed largely limited to public relations, she defended the president and attacked the integrity of the vote only on Twitter, on TV and at press conferences, acting more as a publicity agent than a lawyer .

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