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What do you see at the polls?

Do you have a tip on voting issues? The New York Times partners with ProPublica and hundreds of other news outlets to track obstacles to voting and other challenges to the reliability and integrity of elections. Submit your tips here.

We are also interested in scenes from across the country.

A teenager who was celebrated for its very first poll. Determined voters queue around the block to make sure their vote is counted. Gunmen disguised as security guards outside a polling station in St. Petersburg, Fla., And high school students, too young to vote themselves, volunteer to run the country’s polling stations amid the pandemic.

In this historic election, which took place during a pandemic and economic crisis, the act of voting took on special significance for many Americans. We want your help in telling these stories.

In the form below, tell us what you see at your polling station. A Times reporter can contact you to find out more.

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