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Video: Will every vote count in Pennsylvania?

new video loaded: Will every vote count in Pennsylvania?



Will every vote count in Pennsylvania?

The day after Election Day, the count continues across Pennsylvania. But the rules are still in dispute, and legal battles raise the question of whether every vote will be counted.

The Pennsylvania election is still far from over, with legal teams and state counties tussling over the technical details. “Some ballots come back naked, which means they don’t have their internal confidentiality envelope.” And in Pennsylvania, that means they’re rejected. “I open the initial envelope so that they open to see if there is a naked vote or not.” “The Democratic Party plans to contact them and provide them with the resources they need to vote in person today. Because otherwise, they will be deprived of their rights. Republicans filed a lawsuit Tuesday night to oppose any attempt to correct the bare ballots. “I understand that is not allowed, based on a decision of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, and I will leave that to the attorneys arguing in court over this matter to determine what to do about it. this subject.” But this is just one of the many legal battles over postal ballots. “As the elections start to move to the messaging system, new things start to become problems and all of these things become the cause of very tough trials. The ballots are still counted the day after the Lancaster election. “So what you’re seeing right now are baskets of ballots that were received Monday and Tuesday that are going to be opened here today and then scanned.” Others are expected by Friday: ballot papers stamped on election day but delivered late by the United States Postal Service. What is not yet clear is whether they will be counted. “The law says they will not be counted if they arrive before 8 am. But the PA Supreme Court says that as long as they are stamped or even if there is no postmark, they should be counted. This was challenged in the United States Supreme Court. The Supreme Court of the United States has said that it is a bit late right now, we are not going to speed up this decision on this, but we will make a decision after the election. So we are just mailing these ballots. And so, either the United States Supreme Court makes a decision or we can then go ahead and analyze them. “It sounds very confusing.” “Yes hello.” Not all of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties handle uncertainty the same way. In County Lehigh, they take the time to scan the ballots and keep a separate tally until the lawsuits are resolved. “We will be receiving ballots all week. And we time stamp them when we receive them to make sure we know exactly when they were received by our office. The confusion has put Pennsylvania in the spotlight in a way that has left some officials with a sense of déjà vu. “You can see the potential for Pennsylvania to be like Florida in 2000, where the eyes of the nation are on us. We don’t have the problem of suspended chad. But we have the issue of ballots for three days after the election. We have the issue of naked voting. I was worried about what was going to happen. And maybe part of it is coming true. We will see as we delve into this issue further.

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