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Video: ‘We saw this pattern’: Harris calls Trump racist

“On the one hand you have Joe Biden, who has enough knowledge and courage to use the term and utter those words Black Lives Matter. On the other side, you have Donald Trump, who refuses and will never say Black Lives Matter, and who then has the nerve to present himself on this stage of the debate during the last debate in front of 70 million Americans, and would not condemn white supremacists. And you know, people asked me, they say, “ Well, Senator Harris – by the way, the senator is not on my birth certificate, it‘s Kamala – and they say, well, is you say, do you think he a racist? Yes. Yes. Because you see, it‘s not like it’s something random. We have seen this model. Let us return to questioning the legitimacy of Barack Obama. Back in Charlottesville, as people peacefully protested racial injustice in America, a woman was killed. And on the other side you had a bunch of neo-Nazis, carrying swastikas, carrying tiki torches, insulting and throwing anti-Semitic and racist slurs, and Donald Trump said, ‘Well, there are good people on both sides. “It doesn’t reflect who we think we are as a nation. We need a president who recognizes systemic racism, who recognizes America’s history, and who uses that tyrant chair and microphone in a way that speaks the truth with the intention of attacking inequalities and bring our country together.