Video: 'We can stop a second wave,' says New York mayor

Nov 09, 2020 Travel News

Video: ‘We can stop a second wave,’ says New York mayor

Unfortunately, we are also facing a huge challenge this morning as we see the presence of the coronavirus in the city and it is trying to reassert itself. And we need to do everything in our power until help from the federal government finally arrives, we need to do everything in our power to prevent the coronavirus from reasserting itself in New York. We need to prevent a second wave from happening here. He approaches dangerously. I’ve been telling you for weeks that we had the ability to stop a second wave. And for weeks, in fact, our numbers were higher than we wanted, but they had stabilized. Today, unfortunately, we are witnessing a real growth in the positivity rate in the city. And it is dangerous. So we have one last chance to stop a second wave. It’s that simple. Here is my message to all New Yorkers today: We can stop a second wave if we act immediately. But we have one last chance. So the more people wear masks, practice social distancing, all of those basics, the more capable we are of fighting this second wave. So I can’t give you a timeline. It will actually depend on how people react to your reports and what we publish. If they take decisive action, it can make a huge difference. But it’s important, I think, to expose the danger in terms of new restrictions because I think that will make it very visual, very real to people, what we are facing. God forbid that it continued and we had a full second wave, that means a lot more restrictions. Sadly, that means it could even mean having to shut down parts of our economy again, which would be horrible for this city, horrible for people’s livelihoods.