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Video: US general apologizes for smaller vaccine shipments to some states

“Last week we launched the initial distribution of the Pfizer vaccine, after the EUA. During the snowstorms, the vacation rush and everything that is going on in the country, we delivered the 2.9 million doses across the country, to every state. And we have seen vaccines go into guns. What a remarkable achievement. Last night, the FDA granted emergency use authorization to Moderna. And America, we are ready to distribute this vaccine. Now, this week, many have heard concerns about the vaccine dose reduction claims. I want to reassure everyone and I want to take personal responsibility for the miscommunication. The courts have asked me for planning figures, and rightly so. We want to be open and transparent with them at all times. I have to work on the estimates that we know and we provide them with forecasts accordingly. But the manufacture of vaccines is a very difficult technical capacity. In the end, the number of doses we have to allocate ended up being lower. And while we were giving forecasts to jurisdictions, governors and states, working their priorities against those forecasts, when we had to decide what was going to be ultimately shipped, I had to reduce the allocations to meet the released doses presented. . tome. So to the Governors, to the Governing Staffs: Please accept my personal apologies if this has disrupted your decision making and your conversations with the people of your great state. I will work hard to correct this. “


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