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Video: Trump announces Sudan and Israel will normalize relations

The State of Israel and the Republic of the Sudan have agreed to make peace. It‘s – for many, many years they’ve been at odds, to put it mildly. And to normalize their relationship – this will be the third country where we do this, and we have many, many more to come. We have – they come to us hot and heavy. In the coming weeks, they will meet to negotiate cooperation agreements. You have seen this happen recently with the UAE and Bahrain; in agriculture, technology, aviation, migration and other critical areas. The Sudanese transitional government has demonstrated its commitment to fight terrorism, create a market economy and develop the democratic institution it is becoming. Today’s agreement builds on these commitments and marks a turning point in the history of Sudan. It is, I would say, one of the great days in the history of Sudan. It is an incredible deal for Israel and Sudan. Sudan has been at war with Israel for decades. They were in a state of war and boycotted Israeli products. There was no relationship at all – today’s peace agreement will strengthen Israel’s security and end Sudan’s long isolation from the world because of what was going on. It will open new opportunities for trade and commerce, education and research, as well as cooperation and friendship for the two peoples.


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