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Video: ‘There is momentum,’ Pelosi says of coronavirus relief deal

new video loaded: ‘There is momentum,’ Pelosi says of coronavirus relief deal



‘There is momentum,’ Pelosi says of coronavirus relief deal

President Nancy Pelosi has expressed optimism that a bipartisan stimulus deal could soon be reached after she and Senator Mitch McConnell agreed to find a compromise that could merge with a year-end spending program.

As you know, we are engaged in discussions on the omnibus bill. When I spoke to Chief McConnell yesterday, we talked about the possibility of adding a Covid package to the omnibus bill. But he and I, as the owners, know that if you want to do that, you have to have an omnibus bill. We must therefore work on all the provisions that are still unresolved. We are making progress. Senator Schumer and I believe that the framework – the bipartisan framework unveiled by senators in a bipartisan fashion with the support of House MPs Josh Gottheimer in the House on our side – on both sides of the aisle could be the basis for genuine bicameral negotiations. President-elect Biden has said this package will be just a start at best. And that’s how we see it too. It’s less money, but over a shorter period. And we have to do it to save lives and livelihoods in the hope that a lot more help is on the way. There is momentum. There is momentum with the action that Senators and Members of the House have taken in a bipartisan fashion with them. It could bring significant relief to millions of people who are suffering. Economically, personally, in terms of health, so I’m happy that the tone of our conversations is an indicator of the decision to get the job done.

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