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Video: The bipartisan group of senators unveils a stimulus proposal

new video loaded: Bipartisan group of senators unveils stimulus proposal



Bipartisan group of senators unveils stimulus proposal

A bipartisan group of senators on Tuesday unveiled a compromise $ 900 billion stimulus package that will last until March. This would reinstate federal unemployment benefits that expired over the summer, providing additional economic relief to Americans as coronavirus cases increase.

“As we face the second or third wave of this pandemic, it is absolutely essential that we deliver emergency relief.” “In this package, we have allocated $ 11 billion for investments in CDFIs, MDIs and other institutions that will lend to these underserved communities, and it will have a good effect in the short and long term. So while it might offend some people on both sides, we think it’s a good framework, and we’re all determined to do whatever it takes to make it happen. “Covid has created a crisis, and in a crisis people expect Congress to act. And this group has come together to propose actions that could respond to this crisis. We have unemployed people. We have businesses that are shutting down. We have states and localities that are preparing to lay off large numbers of people. It is simply unacceptable for us not to respond to help under these circumstances. “We don’t blame anywhere. Basically we know they all have – there is a great need out there and the needs have been identified by so many different organizations, from all economists to all organizations, have put something in there. We’ve reached a point where we know it can give us emergency help. That’s all it is – emergency aid in the first trimester, which ends April 1. President-elect Biden will be arriving. He will be able to determine if there is more to do. It’s an emergency taking us out of this holiday season. People who lose in December. And us we just can’t leave without this fixed.

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