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Video: Senate coronavirus relief negotiations stall

new video loaded: Senate coronavirus relief negotiations stall



Senate coronavirus relief negotiations stall

Majority leader Senator Mitch McConnell on Tuesday proposed dropping his demand for liability protection if Democrats forgo aid to states and local governments. Minority leader Senator Chuck Schumer rejected the offer.

“My point of view, and I think it is a point of view shared by literally everyone on both sides of the aisle, is that we cannot leave without making a Covid bill. The country needs it. We agreed that we must do it. We know the new administration is going to ask for another package. What I recommend is to put aside the responsibility and put aside the states and local communities, and pass these things on which we can agree on knowing full well that we will come back to this after the first of the year. “Now Senator McConnell has jeopardized the jobs of firefighters, paramedics, sanitation workers and police. All the governors and mayors in the country are fighting to keep these people working. And McConnell pulls the rug out from under them. Chief McConnell refused to be part of the bipartisan negotiations, and now he is sabotaging the bipartite negotiations in good faith because his partisan ideological effort is not well received.

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