Video: Russia investigation was FBI's 'duty', says former acting director

Nov 11, 2020 Travel News

Video: Russia investigation was FBI’s ‘duty’, says former acting director

new video loaded: Russia probe was FBI’s ‘duty’, says former acting director



Russia probe was FBI’s ‘duty’, says former acting director

Senate Republicans questioned former acting FBI Director Andrew G. McCabe on Tuesday at a Judicial Committee hearing, rehashing unsubstantiated allegations of corruption and bias in the FBI

“Let me be very clear: we didn’t open a case because we liked one candidate or didn’t like the other. We did not open a file because we intended to stage a coup or to overthrow the government. We didn’t open a case because we thought it might be interesting or because we wanted to drag the FBI into a heated political race. It opened a case to find out how the Russians could undermine our election. We opened the file because it was our obligation and our duty to do so. We have done our job. “Yes, we are focusing on a presidential election, but we are examining for the fourth time the role of Russians in the 2016 election four years ago. And more importantly, we discuss President Trump’s conclusion, despite intelligence evidence, that the Russian collusion was a hoax. This is a desperate company of last resort to deal with President Trump’s grievances over this election. We all conceded the point. “Everything bad about Trump has reached their desks. Anything that is exculpatory about the Trump campaign has never arrived at their office. How stupid they think we are. This committee has not finished. We’ll keep digging until we find out how the most high-profile investigation of a candidate for President of the United States, and possibly a sitting president, has been so mismanaged.

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