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Video: ‘Pulling that emergency brake’: Newsom announces new virus restrictions

Ultimately, if we don’t act now, our hospital system will be overwhelmed. If we don’t act now, we’ll continue to see an increase in the death rate – more lives lost. And that is why today we are complying with the plan that we released about 14 weeks ago, by pulling on that emergency brake. In areas where the ICU capacity is less than 15%, we are now enforcing a three-week home stay order. We’ve defined these five regions: Northern California, Greater Sacramento, the Bay Area, the San Joaquin Valley, and the Greater Southern California area. By next week, or rather as late as next week, areas of Greater Sacramento, Northern California, as well as areas of the San Joaquin Valley and Southern California, will have reached this critical care capacity. by 15% or less. The Bay Area may have a few extra days. Our current projections suggest mid-December, maybe the end. But all this in the coming weeks. When the area is categorized as home, bars, wineries, personal services, hair salons and more will be temporarily closed during this three week period. There is light at the end of the tunnel. We are a few months away from real progress with the vaccine, real distribution, real accessibility, real availability.