Video: Pompeo echoes Trump, insisting that 'every legal vote' be counted

Nov 10, 2020 Travel News

Video: Pompeo echoes Trump, insisting that ‘every legal vote’ be counted

new video loaded: Pompeo echoes Trump, insisting that ‘every legal vote’ be counted



Pompeo echoes Trump, insisting that ‘every legal vote’ be counted

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said with a smile on Tuesday that there would be a “smooth transition to a second Trump administration”, echoing President Trump’s demands to postpone until “every legal vote” is account.

Journalist: “Is the State Department currently preparing to engage with Biden’s transition team? And if not, when does a delay impede a smooth transition or pose a risk to national security? “There will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration. Alright, we’re ready. The world is watching what is happening. We will count all the votes. Once the process is complete, they will be chosen from the voters. There is a process – the Constitution spells it out quite clearly. The world must be confident that the transition necessary to ensure that the State Department is operational today, succeeds today, and succeeds with the President in office on January 20, one minute after noon, will also be successful. I went through a transition on the front, and I was on the other side. I am confident that we will do whatever is necessary to ensure that the government, the government of the United States, will continue to fulfill its national security function as we move forward. Journalist: “Do you think there is widespread electoral fraud? The reports we’re getting from Pennsylvania, Michigan, showing the total votes of massive prospects or big prospects with 99% reporting are going to be quashed, and that the United States has not held an election without fraud? “” Rich, I’m the Secretary of State. I get calls from all over the world. These people are watching our elections. They understand that we have a legal process. They understand that it takes time. That’s right – it took us over 37 days in an election in 2000. A successful transition so, I have no doubts that we will count, and we must count, every legal vote. We need to make sure that any illegal votes are not counted. It dilutes your vote if it is not done correctly. You have to do it right. When we get there, we’ll get it right – we’re in good shape.

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