Video: 'Our country is under threat,' Biden says of virus

Nov 09, 2020 Travel News

Video: ‘Our country is under threat,’ Biden says of virus

new video loaded: ‘Our country is under threat,’ Biden says of virus



‘Our country is under threat,’ Biden says of virus

President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. provided an update on the coronavirus on Monday in which he appointed a task force to help fight the spread of the coronavirus, as cases soar to unprecedented heights across the country.

We cannot give up the important work that must be done by then to get our country through the worst wave of this pandemic. To reduce the spread, to save lives. This is why I have today appointed a Covid-19 Transition Advisory Committee of leading public health experts to help our transition team translate the Biden-Harris Covid-19 plan into action, a plan we can set up as early as Kamala. and I’m sworn in on January 20, 2021. It doesn’t matter whether we still agree or not. It doesn’t matter who you voted for. We are Americans and our country is under threat. And now we are called to do the same thing that generations of proud Americans have faced in crisis throughout our history: rise above our differences to defend the strength and vitality of our nation. You know, that’s the character of the patriots. This is the character of Americans. We have to do this together. Wearing a mask may seem like a small act. Maybe you think your individual choice won’t make a difference. But throughout our history, throughout the history of our nation, we have seen time and time again how small deeds add up to huge accomplishments.

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