Video: New Jersey governor addresses Newark's coronavirus mandates

Oct 27, 2020 Travel News

Video: New Jersey governor addresses Newark’s coronavirus mandates

I do not anticipate more advice. But I expect a high level of communication and cooperation. We went back and forth, either me personally or our teams, with Newark throughout the weekend. You know, on our side, the specific commitments are about what we could do to strengthen law enforcement to increase what Newark is doing itself. I think Pat was with the director of law enforcement earlier today, Director Ambrose; tracing, testing, including mobile testing, amplifying the megaphone, and checking its effectiveness in multiple languages ​​And that’s – these are the areas we focused on. And again, our lines of communication are wide open. And I can’t say enough good things about Mayor Baraka. And you’re right, that’s not the only hot spot. It‘s our biggest city, though, and so Newark’s number is – just as it relates to raw numbers, absolute numbers – is, you know, our big one.