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Video: Moderna coronavirus vaccine nears clearance

new video loaded: Moderna coronavirus vaccine nears clearance



Moderna coronavirus vaccine nears clearance

An expert panel on Thursday recommended the Food and Drug Administration approve an emergency use authorization for the Moderna vaccine, which would make it easier to expand the country’s vaccination campaign to rural areas and small clinics .

OK, our two minutes are up. So if we could go ahead and close the vote and release the results. It looks like we have a favorable vote. I will therefore give the floor back to Dr. Monto. Thank you everybody. I would just like to end by thanking the committee members, thanking the FDA for giving us an agenda, which allowed for a much more open discussion, which I think benefits all of us, especially in trying to advise the FDA on some of these very difficult questions that we face. And kudos to all of us for getting this emergency use authorization for a second vaccine, which along with other events will eventually and sooner, hopefully break the back of the pandemic.

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