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Video: ‘Let’s move forward,’ says Philadelphia mayor

What the president has to do is put on his big boy pants frankly. He has to recognize the fact that he lost and he has to congratulate the winner just like Jimmy Carter did, just like George HW Bush did. And frankly, just like Al Gore did, stop this and let us move forward as a country. And that’s my feeling. I doubt he’s listening to me, but that’s it. So, in the days to come, remember that this is not about the victory of a single candidate or a single political party. It is truly a victory for our democracy. It may sound cliché, but today it is so true. Votes will continue to be counted until all valid postal ballots, postal votes and provisional ballots are counted. So while some, including the President, continue to spew out unfounded fraud allegations, allegations his team failed to produce an iota of evidence for, what we have seen here in Philadelphia is pure democracy and simple. Our founding fathers who designed the system just a 15 minute walk down the street, I know, would be proud – 233 years after the Constitutional Convention we stand in this convention center and proclaim the system still works, people have speak.