Video: judge criticizes MP's comments on verdict

Apr 20, 2021 Travel News

Video: judge criticizes MP’s comments on verdict

new video loaded: Judge criticizes MP’s comments on verdict



Judge criticizes MP’s comments on verdict

Judge Peter A. Cahill criticized Representative Maxine Waters’ comments that if the jury does not return a guilty verdict in Derek Chauvin’s trial, the protesters should “become more confrontational.”

“My phone gives me alerts on events that have just happened. I mean, you can’t avoid it and it‘s so ubiquitous that it is, I just don’t know how this jury, you can really tell they are free from the taint of it. And now that we have American representatives threatening acts of violence, violence in relation to the specific case, it’s mind-boggling to me, Judge. “Well, I’ll tell you MP Waters may have given you something to appeal. I am aware of media reports. I know Congresswoman Waters was talking specifically about this trial and the unacceptability of anything less than a murder conviction and talking about confrontation. But you can submit news articles about it. It comes back to what I have been saying from the start. I would have liked elected officials to stop talking about this matter, especially in a way that does not respect the rule of law, the judiciary and our function. I think if they want to give their opinion, they should do so in a respectful manner and in accordance with their oath to the Constitution. Respect an equal branch of government. Their failure to do so is, I think, heinous. But I do not think that this prejudiced us with additional elements which would prejudice this jury. They were told not to watch the news. I hope they follow these instructions and that there is no prejudice to the defendant. Beyond the articles that specifically spoke of the facts of this case, the opinion of a congressman really doesn’t matter much.

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