Video: 'Compromise is at hand,' McConnell says of stimulus talks

Dec 03, 2020 Travel News

Video: ‘Compromise is at hand,’ McConnell says of stimulus talks

new video loaded: ‘Compromise is at hand,’ McConnell says of stimulus talks



‘Compromise is at hand,’ McConnell says of stimulus talks

Senator Mitch McConnell said negotiations on a new round of coronavirus relief were closer to a deal, but did not approve a $ 908 billion compromise measure adopted by Democratic leaders.

It was always about political differences. We have two sides with two different visions for how best to support our nation through what we hope will be the final chapter of the pandemic. Our people are suffering. But they are ready to end this fight. Congress shouldn’t keep them waiting for reinforcements that should have arrived, literally, months ago. The compromise is therefore within reach. We know where we agree, we can do it. Let me say it again, we can do it and we have to do it. So let’s make a law. “President Pelosi and I made a new offer to Leader McConnell and Leader McCarthy on Monday in hopes of restarting serious negotiations, and Leader McConnell responded by circulating another version of a Republican-only partisan project. So in the spirit of compromise, President Pelosi and I believe that the bipartite framework introduced by a group of eight senators on Tuesday should be used as the basis, framework, for immediate bipartisan and bicameral negotiations. Urgent action is needed and we believe that with good faith negotiations we could very well come to an agreement. We are already much closer to an agreement because of the bipartisan negotiations that these eight senators led – created. And we can keep the momentum going. “

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