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Video: British travelers to New York will be subject to quarantine order, says de Blasio

For people coming from UK we will have a new approach given this new strain that we see there. From now on, all travelers, literally all travelers coming from the UK, will receive an order from the Department of Health commissioner ordering them to quarantine. It will be a personal and direct order to each of them, telling them that they must quarantine. And that will be given to all travelers beyond those – I want to be clear – beyond anyone coming only from the UK, every traveler who comes to the city. But specifically for people coming from UK, given this particular concern, we will be asking Sheriff’s Deputies to come to the home or hotel of every traveler coming from the UK, so when they arrive at airport, they are going to have to fill out the form informing us of their arrival in New York. We will provide them with that commissioner’s order. But then there will be a follow-up, a direct home visit or a hotel visit from the deputy sheriff to confirm that they are on quarantine or if they are not, they will be penalized. We cannot take risks with anyone traveling, especially those traveling from the UK. , that’s $ 1,000 for each additional day.


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