Video: Biden says Trump is showing 'incredible irresponsibility'

Nov 20, 2020 Travel News

Video: Biden says Trump is showing ‘incredible irresponsibility’

new video loaded: Biden says Trump is showing ‘incredible irresponsibility’



Biden says Trump is showing ‘incredible irresponsibility’

President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. spoke Thursday in Wilmington, Delaware, after a virtual meeting with several governors pledging not to proceed with a nationwide shutdown and criticized President Trump for delaying the transition process .

“Governors all recognize that this is a massive undertaking, one of the greatest operational challenges we will have to face as a nation. A statistic that was raised by the governors: it took eight months to provide 100 million Covid tests, eight months to provide Covid tests. Imagine how much more difficult it would be, they stressed, if we didn’t find a more efficient and effective way to deliver 330 million vaccines. The answer was that I would follow the science. I’m not going to shut down the economy, period. I will stop the virus, this is what I will stop. “Journalist:” So it is excluded? ” “I repeat. No national closure, no national closure because every region, every area, every community can be different. Journalist: “In your opinion, Mr. President-elect, what do you think the president is doing? What are Americans witnessing here? “Let me choose my words here. I think they are witnessing incredible irresponsibility, unbelievably damaging messages sent to the rest of the world about how democracy works. And I think it’s – well I don’t know his motive, but I just think it’s totally irresponsible. And I think most Republicans I’ve spoken to, including some governors, think it’s debilitating. It’s not a – it sends a horrible message about who we are as a country.

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