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Video: ‘Accuracy is vital,’ says Georgia election official

new video loaded: ‘Accuracy is vital,’ says Georgia election official



‘Accuracy is vital,’ says Georgia election official

A Georgian election official said on Thursday that the state was doing all it could to finalize its election results, with precision exceeding speed.

People asked, why hasn’t the number grown faster? Well, as you all know, the law requires all mail-in ballots to be accepted by 7:00 p.m. on polling day. So it‘s obvious that on polling day itself, election officials are very, very busy conducting the polls on polling day. So normally they have to come back in the evening and the next day to accept these ballots and accept them. They have to go through signature matching and all other processes to confirm the validity of those. And in our case, in Georgia especially when they arrive just before or on election day. We need to let these people know that they have three days to come and process their ballots. It all takes time. It all takes effort. There are only a limited number of people involved in these processes. And 189 counties in the state to make them dominate. If possible. And we are working with the counties who might have questions on how to do it right, because the main thing we want to do quickly is great. And we quickly appreciate the precision. Precision will be the foundation on which people will believe in the results of these elections, whether they are on the winning side or the losing side. Precision is therefore vital and it is the key to all our processes.

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