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Video: 14 military officials disciplined in Fort Hood investigation

new video loaded: 14 military officials disciplined in Fort Hood investigation



14 military officials disciplined in Fort Hood investigation

More than a dozen military officials have been fired or suspended following an investigation into complaints of sexual harassment, intimidation and violence at Fort Hood, a major military base in Texas.

“I have determined that the problems at Fort Hood are directly related to leadership failures. Leaders animate the culture and are responsible for everything the unit does or does not do. I am deeply disappointed that the leadership has failed to create an environment that treats all soldiers with dignity and respect. And it failed to strengthen everyone’s obligation to prevent and respond appropriately to allegations of sexual harassment and sexual assault. For this reason, to restore confidence in accountability, I have directed the relief and / or suspension of commanders and other corps leaders at the squad level. A total of 14 leaders were relieved or suspended from their duties. “Before I came here, I spoke to Ms. Guillen, Vanessa’s mother. And I told him that we were going to solve these problems and change the culture that allowed them to happen. I told him that we must and will provide a safe and secure environment for American sons and daughters who serve in the military.

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