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Trump’s attempts to overturn elections are unprecedented in US history

He added: “This is what many founders feared.”

Mr. Trump telegraphed this strategy during the campaign. He told voters at a rally in Middletown, Pa., In September that he would win at the polls, in the Supreme Court or in the House – where, under the 12th Amendment, every state delegation gets a vote to choose the president. . (There are 26 delegations of 50 dominated by Republicans, even though the House is in Democratic hands.)

“I don’t want to end up in the Supreme Court and I don’t want to go back to Congress, although we have an advantage if we go back to Congress,” he said at the time. “Does everyone understand this?”

Now this is clearly Plan B, after the failure of Plan A, an improvised legal strategy to overturn election results by voiding the ballots in key states. State after state, the president’s attorneys have been laughed at out of court, unable to provide any evidence to substantiate his claims that the postal ballots were tampered with, or that problems on voting machines with Dominion’s software. Voting Systems could, and might well, have changed or removed 2.7 million votes.

The theories appeared in a rambling press conference Rudolph W. Giuliani, the president’s personal lawyer, held Thursday with other members of his legal team. The group launched a series of disconnected arguments to try to make the case that Mr. Trump really won. The arguments included the blame on the postal ballots which they said were subject to fraud, as well as on the Dominion, which they said was linked to former President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela (who died seven years ago years) and had vague connections with the Clinton and George Foundation. Soros, the Democratic fundraising philanthropist and billionaire.

“This press conference was the most dangerous hour 45 minutes of television in American history,” Christopher Krebs, who was sacked Tuesday evening by Mr. Trump as director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency of the Department of Homeland Security, tweeted Thursday afternoon.

“And maybe the craziest,” he continued. “If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’re in luck.

Mr. Krebs has often noted that the purpose of a reliable electoral system is to convince those who have lost elections that they have indeed lost.

Even some of Mr. Trump’s former enthusiasts and former senior aides have abandoned him on his claims, often with sarcastic derision. “Their basic argument is that this was such a large and successful conspiracy that there is no evidence of it,” said John R. Bolton, Mr. Trump, who was ousted last year.

“Now, if that’s true, I really want to know who the people are who made it happen,” he told ABC’s “This Week” Sunday. “We have to hire them at the CIA”