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Wyndham Destinations is one of the largest timeshare companies in the world. At its Wyndham Vacation Clubs, which include four different brands, 900,000 owners, 230 Wyndham resorts and 4,300 affiliate properties, online bookings for Club Wyndham (the flagship of the four brands) increased 18% in July and 80% resorts were seeing longer stays from guests, according to Noah Brodsky, brand manager for Wyndham Destinations. Mr. Gamel speculated that, instead of larger international travel, timeshare members are choosing to splurge on travel within their clubs instead.

The new member companies are making health and safety factors a central element of their sales pitch, if not all of it. Manifest Travel opened in August, focusing on high-end, small-group travel based on locals in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Phoenix and Denver. All of the itineraries organized by the club are to nearby national destinations and include private plane travel (Jeff Potter, the founder, conceived the idea before Covid, but acknowledges the model is particularly attractive).

Again, safety and security don’t come cheap. A Manifest subscription costs $ 2,500 per year, plus individual travel costs, which can range from $ 5,000 to $ 7,000.

The ability to pay for membership, and therefore peace of mind, is and always has been a privilege. But it is very attractive in uncertain times.

“In the short term, I think this focus on safety has raised the profile of clubs like us,” said Henderson. “But I don’t necessarily think that’s the only way people are going to travel in the future. We have very specific types of offers and we’re not looking to change that. In addition, our members also join together for a sense of community.

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