Three million shots a day

Feb 17, 2021 Travel News

Three million shots a day

Experts I interviewed said they understood why Biden had so far set only modest public goals. Vaccine manufacturing is complex and failing to meet a high-profile goal would cast doubt on a public health emergency, as Barry Bloom, an immunologist at Harvard, told me. If he were president, Bloom added, he would also want to exceed the target posted in the media.

But public relations aside, experts say the proper goal is to deliver vaccines at roughly the same rate that drug makers dispense them – with a short delay, of a week or two, for the time being. logistics. Otherwise, millions of doses will languish as Americans die and the country remains partially closed.

“We should be doing more,” said Jennifer Nuzzo, epidemiologist at Johns Hopkins. “I’m a little surprised at how constrained we have been.” Many immunization clinics operate only during office hours, she noted. And the government has done little to expand the pool of vaccine workers – for example, by training EMT workers.

Newly contagious variants of the virus add another reason for the urgency. They could cause an explosion of cases in the spring, Hotez said, and lead to mutations resistant to current vaccines. But if vaccines can crush the spread before that, mutations may not take hold.

“We need to focus on the laser to get as many people vaccinated as possible,” Dr. Paul Sax, a senior infectious disease officer at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, told me.

As my colleague Katie Thomas, who covers vaccines, said: “The future looks bright – if we can get the vaccines done fast enough, if people really want the vaccines, and if the variants don’t mess up the plan. “

No one doubts that vaccinating three million Americans every day for months would be a Herculean task.