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Threats and tensions rise as Trump and his allies attack electoral process

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and Rudolph W. Giuliani, Mr. Trump’s personal lawyer and former mayor of New York, launched widespread attacks on cities with large black populations such as Atlanta, Detroit and Philadelphia , highlighting these places. free tirades because too corrupt to be reliable to organize honest elections.

The extraordinary assault on the voting system by the President and his allies has gained additional intensity as the deadlines for certification of results in several states approach. Once certified, the final tally will further prevent Mr. Trump’s attempt to reverse his loss.

Barring a breakthrough in the president’s legal push, his strategy appears to focus on disrupting the process by which states finalize the vote count and submit their delegate lists to the Electoral College.

Attempts by Republicans to follow his lead in Wayne County failed in the face of residents of Detroit who were outraged by what they saw as an outright attempt to deny them their rights. A public commentary session with hundreds of voters and civil rights leaders sparked a three-hour outcry as they condemned two white officials threatening the voting rights of hundreds of thousands of black voters.

“You look at the black towns and you took a black town out of the county and you said the only one at fault is the city of Detroit, where 80% of the people who reside there are African Americans,” exclaimed the Reverend Wendell. Anthony, the president of the Detroit Chapter of the NAACP, his face almost touching the computer screen. “Shame on you,” he added. “You are a shame.”

“But on January 20, 2021 at noon,” he said, “whatever you do, the President of the United States will be Joseph Biden and the Vice President, for the first time, will be a black woman. named Kamala Harris.

“Do you know how many young black teens voted for the first time this year?” Benita Bradley of Detroit said during the Zoom call Tuesday night. “And you sit here and slap these people in the face. What you are doing to the blacks and browns in this community is part of the problem, you are the problem. You are the reason young children fail to see the promise of the vote. But our country will move forward. We will unite. “