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The Russian hack “ happened on Donald Trump’s watch when he wasn’t looking, ” Biden says.

Mr Biden said he plans to present to Congress in the new year a plan that would include more funding to help firefighters, police and nurses, as well as to expand testing. He said his bill would include a new round of stimulus checks for Americans, but he said that amount would be a matter of negotiation.

Its goal, he said, was to have the money to distribute the vaccine to 300 million people, to provide aid to Americans whose businesses have been closed because of the virus, and to set up a moratorium on evictions.

“People are in desperate pain,” he says. Ahead of Christmas and the potential rallies that could lead to more spikes in virus cases, Mr Biden also warned Americans that “our darkest days are ahead of us, not behind us.”

Mr. Trump intends to sign the fundraising bill. But he has otherwise chosen to play a minor role in the midst of a major national crisis – consumed by conspiracy theories of electoral fraud at a time when the daily toll of the pandemic has steadily exceeded the number of Americans killed in the country. attack on Pearl Harbor.

On Tuesday, he sparked a familiar shootout of false claims about the 2020 election on Twitter, interrupted by virus message – a boast about “the great miracle of what the Trump administration has accomplished” on vaccines.

Mr Biden, in a gesture that illustrated the stark differences between the two men, praised White House-led Operation Warp Speed ​​on Monday for accelerating vaccine development – while being vaccinated, under a mask, on live television, to allay concerns about vaccine safety.

Mr Biden has not negotiated directly with lawmakers on the stimulus, but he has been briefed on all developments, and his new chief of staff Ron Klain has been kept up to date on hour-by-hour developments in the talks, according to Democratic officials. familiar with the situation.

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