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‘The Queen’s Gambit’ Boosts Chess Sales

Mr Llada said it was too early to measure the full impact of “The Queen’s Gambit” on chess, but said it was already comparable to the buzz generally generated around the world championships, held every two years. . Some matches, such as the championship match between Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky played during the Cold War, “gave birth to a whole new generation of millions of chess fans,” Llada said.

“The chess community fell in love with the series because it successfully describes different aspects of chess in all its richness: it’s easy enough to be fun to play, but also complex enough to pose a challenge,” he says. he. “It’s cheesy, but also cool and trendy. He’s intensely competitive, but full of interesting, creative, and colorful characters. “

Streaming platforms like Twitch have also had an increase in viewership for chess games.

From March through August, people watched 41.2 million hours of chess on Twitch, four times as many hours as in the previous six months, according to analytics website SullyGnome. Last month, people watched 4.2 million hours of chess, up from 2.4 million the same month last year.

In June, an amateur chess tournament called PogChamps was briefly the most-watched stream on Twitch, with 63,000 people attending at a time, SullyGnome said.

And membership in chess organizations, like the US Chess Federation, the governing body of chess competitions in the United States, is also increasing.

“This month we had our first increase in membership since the pandemic hit, and our members are telling us that many of them are renewing or re-entering specifically because of the series,” said Daniel Lucas, senior official of the federation.

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