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Storm dumps snow on east coast, closes schools, tests for viruses

Some parents have decided to stick to the tradition of snowy days anyway, in the hope of giving children a sense of normalcy. Sarah Allen, a mother in Brooklyn’s Kensington neighborhood, said if the streets near her home were blanketed in snow this week, her four children would not be taking distance education.

“I felt like no matter what kind of learning we do this year,” she says, “it’s not something that needs to be taken away from kids who have already lost a lot, ranging from not be able to see friends. losing his parents to Covid.

Even as state and municipal authorities issued severe storm warnings, some greeted the weather with joy. For Lucas Whiffen, 3, of Philadelphia, it would be the first big snowstorm of his life.

His mother, Gail Whiffen, picked him up from daycare on Wednesday, which had closed early in anticipation of the storm. Mrs Whiffen lamented that her son’s new snow pants had not yet arrived, but Lucas was convinced he had plenty of winter gear: “A jacket and mittens and a hat, shoes, boots. He said, eagerly awaiting the snow in which to use them. their.

In Boston, Toni Baraga, 21, said the storm was a welcome start to a new season, as scarred as it could be by the coronavirus pandemic.

“It will finally feel like it’s December, Christmas and the holidays,” she said.

Reporting was contributed by Troy closson, Maria Jiminez Moya, Giulia McDonnell Nieto del Rio and Heather fletcher.

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