Sexual abuse allegations against Boy Scouts now exceed 81,000

Nov 15, 2020 Travel News

Sexual abuse allegations against Boy Scouts now exceed 81,000

From an early age, young Scouts learn obedience and loyalty, reciting an oath to remain “morally upright”. The organization said some 130 million Americans have attended its programs over the years, including John F. Kennedy, astronaut Neil Armstrong, civil rights icon Ernest Green and director Steven Spielberg.

While the Boy Scouts currently have 2.2 million members, those numbers are down from a high of around five million in the 1970s. In 2017, the organization expanded to allow girls to participate, though. that this effort destroyed the relationship with Girl Scouts in the United States.

But even in the organization’s early years, abuse records kept at Boy Scout headquarters detailed the issues. In 1935, the organization described having records of hundreds of “degenerates” who had served as Boy Scout leaders, according to a New York Times article at the time.

Lawyers, including Mr Mones, later insisted that some of those cases be made public in a case in Oregon, where a 2010 jury verdict held the Boy Scouts liable for $ 18.5 million in damages. – punitive interests. The Oregon Supreme Court later ordered that the records be made public.

Although many cases of abuse have occurred in recent decades, some states have passed laws in recent years giving elderly victims the opportunity to hold court to account. This includes New York, which approved a one-year window that opened last year, sparking a flood of new trials with defendants from organizations such as schools, the Catholic Church and the Boy Scouts.

Terry McKiernan, the chairman of, a watchdog group that tracks abuse in the Catholic Church, said more than 9,000 victims have come forward over the years, although he believed that number did not represent than a small fraction of those who have suffered abuse in the church.

Frank Spinelli was 11 years old on Staten Island when he joined the Boy Scouts in 1978. He said his Boy Scout leader, a policeman named Bill Fox, started to groom him, taking him to fetch ice, urging him to do sleep Mr. Spinelli at his house and turn their conversations to sex. This ultimately led to three years of sexual abuse, Mr Spinelli said.