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Senate confirms Barrett, heeding Trump and reshaping the court

Yet she has previously criticized Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. for voting in favor of the Affordable Care Act, and she has already signed an ad calling for the overthrow of Roe v. Wade and his “barbaric heritage”. Chances are she will be among the court’s most conservative justices, likely to the right of Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh.

Like five other judges, Judge Barrett is Catholic; she said her faith was at the heart of her identity. But in other ways, it breaks the mold of the court. Former Notre-Dame, she will be the only judge not to have graduated from Harvard or Yale. She is also raising seven children, two of whom have been adopted.

After playing down its implications during the hearings, some Republicans openly celebrated his stance against abortion on Monday.

“The appointment of Amy Coney Barrett is truly historic,” said Republican Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri. “He is the most openly pro-life judicial candidate for the Supreme Court of my life. It was one person who openly criticized this illegitimate decision, Roe v. Wade.

By the time senators met on Monday night for the final vote, many were exhausted from a debate that had run from Sunday night to Monday and back and forth between Washington and the election campaign.

But after Iowa Sen. Charles E. Grassley, the pro tempore president, read the tally, Republicans leapt from their desks and cheered. Only two did not join them.

One was Ms Collins, who left the room as soon as she voted ‘no’. She had formulated her decision this time on principle. Republicans set a standard in 2016 by not confirming a candidate in an election year and should do the same now, she argued. She is lagging behind in a race in a liberal-leaning state in part because of the fury of her constituents over her vote for Judge Kavanaugh, Mr. Trump’s last candidate.

The other was Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, another Republican, who sat face stone. She ultimately voted to confirm Judge Barrett, but said she feared the tribunal would be hit by the tribunal and the Senate would take with the public to proceed as voters vote.

Adam Liptak and Emily Cochrane contributed reporting.

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