Resolution on the Rules of the Senate - Second Impeachment Trial of Donald J.

Feb 13, 2021 Travel News

Resolution on the Rules of the Senate – Second Impeachment Trial of Donald J.

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ALB21257 NL5 SLC 1 rials filed in accordance with this section must be printed and 2 made available to all parties. 3 S EC. 2. When, in accordance with Senate Resolution 16, the 4th Senate meets in the Indictment Court on Tuesday February 5, 2021, there will immediately be 4 hours of oral argument by the equally divided parties on the 7 issue of whether Donald John Trump is subject to the jurisdiction 8 of an indictment court for acts committed under the Presidency of the United States, notwithstanding the expiration 10 of his tenure in that position. Each party can determine the number of 11 people to present arguments on the previous question. The Senate, without any action, motion or amendment, except for deliberation of the Senate 14, if so ordered under Rules of Procedure and Practice 15 of the Senate when sitting on impeachment trials (16 this resolution as “Rules of impeachment”), will then decide by the 18 yes and no of the previous question. If a majority of voting senators, with a quorum of 19 present, vote no, the Senate will order that the article of impeachment be immediately rejected and the secretary will notify the order to the House of Representatives. of dismissal. If the majority of the 23 voting Senators, the quorum being present, votes in the affirmative, the Senate will proceed as provided for in this resolution. 2