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Palestine is considering ending the payment of prisoners in an attempt to win favor with the Biden administration.

In an effort to restore their defiled image in Washington, Palestinians are laying the groundwork for an overhaul of one of their most expensive but controversial practices: compensating those serving time in Israeli jails, including for violent attacks .

Eager to make a fresh start with the new Biden administration, Palestinian officials are heeding advice from sympathetic Democrats who have repeatedly warned that without the end of the payments it would be impossible for the new administration to do the heavy lifting in them. last name.

The Palestinian Authority’s policy of paying allowances to prisoners held by Israel, in a system critics call “pay to kill”, has long been denounced by Israel and its supporters as an incitement to terrorism because it guarantees potential attackers than their dependents will. be well cared for. Because the payments are based largely on the length of the prison sentence, critics say the most heinous crimes are the most rewarded.

In a bipartisan rebuke to the system, Congress has repeatedly passed legislation to reduce aid to Palestinians by the amount of these payments. The payments were cited by the Trump administration when it cut funding and took other punitive measures against Palestinians starting in 2018.

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