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Obama’s 2020 job on fire: keeping Biden and guiding Trump

In these conversations, Mr. Obama emphasized the role of a “happy warrior,” of directly attacking Mr. Trump in a way he had never done before, but with the slashing humor he employed in the past. of his two presidential campaigns.

Some of his slaps are spontaneous, but many have been carefully prepared – including the “Beijing Barry” line, which was delivered the day before the final presidential debate and was deployed to defuse Mr Trump’s attacks on trade agreements in China. China sued by Mr Hunter, Biden’s son, said aides.

Mr. Obama’s belligerent approach had another advantage that wasn’t immediately evident until he started working on his remarks this month, according to Democratic aides.

The former president believed that taking on the classic bodyguard role embraced by Mike Pence and former Democratic vice presidential candidates would allow Mr. Biden’s vice-president, Senator Kamala Harris, to avoid having to commit these attacks herself and stay well above the fray.

Yet for all of his continued popularity with Democratic voters, Mr. Obama is nowhere to be seen in 2020 – and his belated frantic campaign on Ms. Clinton’s behalf did not prove decisive four years ago.

And its presence, especially in a complex state like Florida, is not universally positive.

“Obama’s policies in Cuba were deeply unpopular with many voters in South Florida, and for all his popularity after the presidency, he also carries real responsibility,” said Alex Conant, a veteran political consultant who has worked for Senator Marco Rubio, a Cuban. American Republican who opposed Mr. Obama’s attempt to normalize relations with the government in Havana.

“Obama has always been good at delivering a message and bending a knife,” Conant added. “But his political capital was not transferable when he was president, and we don’t know if he is now.

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