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No labels, planning for centrist push into new convention, supports Larry Hogan

Mr Hogan, who wrote in Ronald Reagan for the post of president this year, stressed that he had not only engaged with centrists, but also with conservative and pro-Trump Republicans. He spoke at the Ronald Reagan Institute and endorsed Senators David Purdue and Kelly Loeffler, both Republicans of Georgia, who are staunch supporters of Mr. Trump and both face the January election that could determine which party controls the Senate.

“I’m still a committed conservative Republican, which I would call common sense,” Hogan said.

As President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. prepares to rule from the middle in a Congress where weak majorities in both chambers will force a compromise, the No Labels organization has worked to pair Democratic and Republican lawmakers in the two chambers to strike deals on some of the most intractable issues of recent years, including immigration reform and infrastructure spending.

Louisiana Republican Senator Bill Cassidy said he would participate in the group’s effort to reduce the national debt. Ms Collins said she would partner with Senator Tim Kaine, Democrat of Virginia, to tackle the high costs of prescription drugs.

“This is an outside group that has made a vital difference and responded to a real need for a central group that is centrist,” Ms. Collins said of No Labels. “What we need are fanatic moderates.”

Other members of Congress have been more critical of the organization. He has been criticized for soliciting and receiving millions of dollars in corporate interest, for spending more money helping Republicans than Democrats, and for thanking Mr. Trump for accepting his problem-solving promise.

The political goals of No Labels range from the blameless, like creating jobs, to proposals of deep concern to progressives, like overhauling social security and medicare.

In 2018, Representative Mark Pocan, Democrat of Wisconsin and former chairman of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, accused No Labels of trying to mislead members about what he said were his true intentions: to promote an agenda of company.

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