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More than 70 West Point cadets charged with cheating scandal

The US Military Academy at West Point is facing its biggest college scandal in nearly five decades after more than 70 cadets were accused of cheating on a calculus exam last spring, officials said.

Fifty-nine cadets have admitted to cheating on the test, which all defendants took remotely rather than on academy grounds due to the coronavirus pandemic, West Point officials said. The cheating scandal was first reported by USA Today.

Six cases were dropped – two for lack of evidence; four after the cadets resign – and eight cadets face honor code hearings that could lead to their expulsion, said Lt. Col. Christopher Ophardt, the academy’s director of public affairs.

“The honors process is working as intended, and there have been no exceptions to the policy for any of these cases,” Colonel Ophardt said in a statement. “Cadets are held accountable for breaking the code.”

Most of those who admitted to cheating, a violation of the academy’s honor code, were enrolled in a rehabilitation program officials put in place several years ago to give cadets who break the rules. and West Point settlements a second chance rather than simply rejecting them. as had been the practice in the past.

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