Mitch McConnell wins re-election as Republicans fight to maintain their majority.

Nov 04, 2020 Travel News

Mitch McConnell wins re-election as Republicans fight to maintain their majority.

Sen. Mitch McConnell, the Kentucky Republican and majority leader known for his non-prisoner tactics, was elected to a seventh term on Tuesday, defeating Amy McGrath, a Democrat who struggled to gain traction despite a wave financial support from supporters of his party. the nation.

Mr McConnell campaigned on how he had used his position as one of Washington’s most powerful figures to bring benefits to Kentucky – a constant theme throughout his decades in the Senate – and portrayed Ms McGrath as too liberal and inexperienced for the conservative state. .

“I’m giving Kentucky the opportunity to beat above their weight and have some big wins that we wouldn’t otherwise get if we had a rookie Senator,” McConnell said in a statement in the final days of his appointment. campaign, noting that he had “led” over $ 17 billion to Kentucky projects since his last election.

His victory came as Mr McConnell fought to retain the title of Majority Leader, which was under threat as Democrats attempted to claim control of the Senate in competitive races across the country.

With the next president’s ability to continue his Senate-controlled agenda, Republicans are on defense in an increasingly close battle, trying to hold back a wave of well-funded Democratic challengers across the map, including in reliable conservative states. .

Republicans currently hold a Senate majority by a 53-47 margin. A net gain of three seats would put Democrats in control if former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. won the presidency. If President Trump wins re-election, positioning Vice President Mike Pence to vote a tie in the Senate, Democrats would have to win four seats to win a majority.

Democrats believe they’re already on track to win Arizona and Colorado, and are looking for a half-dozen more starting with North Carolina, Maine and Iowa. And with the state’s two Republican senators in jeopardy, Georgia looms as an opportunity for recovery. Democratic strategists concede that Alabama Democrat Sen. Doug Jones is likely to lose his seat and are keeping a close watch on Democrat Senator Gary Peters of Michigan, who faces a tall order.