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Longtime Jeopardy! Host Alex Trebek dies at 80

Alex Trebek, who hosted “Jeopardy!” for a record 36-year-old and who brought an assertive and unperturbed personality to the quiz show’s particular vanity, in which the answers are delivered in the form of a question, died on Sunday. He was 80 years old.

The death was confirmed by the show’s producers on Twitter.

Mr Trebek had announced in a video on March 6, 2019, that he was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer that week. He said that like many others with the disease, he had no symptoms until it had spread throughout his body. He delivered the news from the show’s set, dressed as usual in a fresh suit and tie as he spoke directly to the camera without sentiment or histrionism.

As the host, Mr. Trebek was the essence of sustainability. In the decades when he captain “Jeopardy!” over 400 other game shows Came and went. “Peril!” endured, with millions of Americans throwing their weekday evenings around the highbrow program, shouting questions at their televisions as Mr. Trebek read the answers with his impeccable diction.

One of the show’s main draws, aside from its intellectual challenge, was its consistency. Over the years, his size has remained almost the same, as has Mr. Trebek, although he has cut his bushy hair, turned grayer and occasionally sported a mustache, beard or goatee.

Otherwise, he was a stable and predictable host – an unadorned presence, effective in his role.

A full obituary will be published shortly.

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