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‘It has to stop’: Georgia election official hits out at Trump

Some of Mr. Trump’s supporters have taken to the streets and the Capitol building in downtown Atlanta, where infowars conspiracy theorist Alex Jones recently joined them. In other cases, Trump supporters have harassed or threatened Mr. Sterling, Mr. Raffensperger and others.

In a statement Tuesday night, Tim Murtaugh, a spokesperson for the Trump campaign, said: “The campaign is to ensure that all legal votes are counted and that not all illegal votes are counted. No one should engage in threats or violence, and if that has happened, we fully condemn it. “

Amid it all, Mr. Sterling, a detail-oriented former city councilor from the Atlanta suburb of Sandy Springs, played a leading role in the state as he carried out his stories. Along with Mr Raffensperger, he was often the keynote speaker in numerous press conferences in which he explained the complexity of Georgia’s electoral and recount systems and argued that the results, which currently show Mr Biden winning by about 12,700 votes, are trustworthy.

Ari Schaffer, press secretary in the Secretary of State’s office, did not respond directly when asked on Tuesday whether Mr Raffensperger had given Mr Sterling his blessing to speak out so forcefully against the President . But he noted that Deputy Secretary of State Jordan Fuchs was standing near Mr Sterling when he made his statements.

“Gabriel has my support,” Ms. Fuchs said independently in a text message.

Late Tuesday, representatives for Ms Loeffler and Mr Perdue said they condemned violence of any kind, but also said they would not apologize for asking for accountability and accuracy elections in the state.

In the second of two press conferences called by the Secretary of State’s office on Tuesday, Mr Sterling, speaking aloud, emotionally and purposefully, said people had taken over Mr. Raffensperger. He said Mr. Raffensperger’s wife “receives sexualized threats via her cell phone”. He mentioned that he had police protection outside his own house, a topic he also touched on in a November 21 tweet.

“So it’s funny … multiple attempts to hack my emails, police protection around my home, threats,” Sterling wrote at the time. “But all is well … follow the law, follow the process … do our job.”