In Oakland, Kamala Harris' hometown, the mayor says, "It's like a whole new world."

Nov 07, 2020 Travel News

In Oakland, Kamala Harris’ hometown, the mayor says, “It’s like a whole new world.”

In Oakland, Calif., The hometown of Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, Mayor Libby Schaaf was in tears on Saturday as she spoke of the victory.

“I am proud, I am relieved. I’m happy, ”Ms. Schaaf said in an interview, her voice breaking with emotion at almost every word. “We will finally have decency and compassion in the highest office of our country.”

Outside his home in the Oakland Hills, residents were ringing bells, screaming, and clapping. Her husband rushed out of the house to share champagne with a neighbor.

Ms. Schaaf has argued several times with President Trump over immigration and Mr. Trump’s characterization of Oakland as full of violence.

“These cities are like living in hell,” Trump said in June, singling out Oakland and Detroit, among other cities. Ms Schaaf said on Saturday that she was happy to leave this behind.

“Having a White House that was a constant source of battle was exhausting. And having to face your own federal government during one of the worst crises the world has ever known was untenable, ”said Ms. Schaaf. “We will now have allies in the White House – and in particular a Vice President who grew up on our soil, who grew with our values, who grew up fighting for the same vision of a just and equitable world.” is like a whole new world, ”said Ms. Schaaf.