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In key states, Republicans have been critical for resisting Trump’s election narrative

But they rejected Mr Trump nonetheless, issuing a statement shortly after leaving the White House saying they had seen no evidence that would change the election outcome and let the popular vote winner run.

But the Trump team has seized on any routine mistakes or outlandish allegations to advance the cause. In Rochester Hills, Oakland County, the votes in a constituency were displayed in the absentee tally and then also displayed in the total in person without first being removed from the absentee tally.

The error was quickly detected and rectified before the results became official, but Ronna McDaniel, chair of the Republican National Committee, claimed that “we found 2,000 ballots that were given to Democrats, which were Republican ballots, due to a clerical error. “

Ms Barton, who served as a Rochester Hills clerk for eight years, learned of Ms McDaniel’s comment from a reporter and quickly took to social media to refute the “categorically false” claim. “As a Republican, I am troubled that this is intentionally misinterpreted to undermine the electoral process,” Ms. Barton said in a video she posted to Twitter, which has been viewed over 1.2 million times.

Ms. Barton, 49, is another graduate of Liberty University, where she earned a master’s degree after graduating from Great Lakes University in Michigan. She posts Bible verses online and says “God commands my steps.” She served eight years as an assistant clerk in the Detroit suburb of Bloomfield Township before being appointed to the Rochester Hills post and earned the respect of Republicans and Democrats.

She was initially reluctant to give any validity to Ms McDaniel’s request when responding, but decided she had no choice. “By relaying the truth, I was going to open myself to criticism and if I ever thought of presenting myself again, it would have an impact,” she said. “But the real cost was voter confidence. I told my assistant that all of these things had to be put aside and that I had to tell the truth.

Soon she found herself the target of profane and threatening emails and phone calls, and while reassuring herself that she was safe because her husband is the sheriff’s deputy, they nevertheless improved home security system. “It’s just devastating to see what the response has been to our profession and how we as a country have come to believe that violence and threats are the answer,” she said.

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