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‘I was amazed’: big gifts to small colleges from an unexpected source

A sister school of the City University of New York system, Lehman College, also received $ 30 million.

Dr Munroe said he would use this money in part to set up a fund for programs, scholarships, research and events that would address issues of racial and gender equity, economic mobility and impact of the pandemic, which had left many of its students. without adequate food or shelter.

“I think she makes a very clear statement: the communities that these institutions generally serve with pride are those that do not have much means, but they have the desire, they have the courage, they have the energy”, he said.

Morgan State University, a historically black university in Baltimore, said Ms Scott’s $ 40 million donation, the largest private donation in its history, would double its endowment.

West Kentucky Community and Technical College at Paducah said it would use its $ 15 million donation – the largest from a single donor in its history – to help underprivileged adults and rural students prepare for the employment.

Dr Simmons said Prairie View A&M, with around 9,000 students, was using $ 10 million from him to create the Panther Success grant program, to help the juniors and seniors who have suffered financially from the pandemic to pay. their university bills. The remainder of the donation would go towards the university’s endowment, which would bring it to $ 130 million from $ 95 million, which would support things like recruiting faculty and undergraduate scholarships.

She noted that she had seen an increase, but not of this magnitude, in interest in donating to historically black colleges as a result of recent social justice movements.

“For people on the fringes who see themselves as forgotten, this kind of gift is recognition of the value of what they are doing in their struggle for education,” she said.

Jack Begg and Alain Delaquériere contributed to the research.

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