Here's a timeline of the presidential certification process Trump is trying to disrupt

Nov 19, 2020 Travel News

Here’s a timeline of the presidential certification process Trump is trying to disrupt

Monday is also the deadline for counties of Pennsylvania to certify their totals and send them to Kathy Boockvar, the Commonwealth Secretary, who will certify the state’s results. Pennsylvania doesn’t have a deadline for Ms. Boockvar’s signing, but there’s no reason to expect a delay.

Maine also has its certification deadline of November 23, but there are no serious disputes there.

This is the certification deadline for Minnesota, North Carolina and Ohio, none of which should be controversial. Mr. Biden won Minnesota; Mr. Trump won North Carolina and Ohio.

Arizona must certify its results by that date, just as Iowa and Nebraska. Mr Biden won Arizona, Mr Trump won Iowa and in Nebraska Mr Trump won statewide, but Mr Biden won an electoral vote in the second congressional district of the ‘State.

The Arizona Republican Party is trying to delay certification, lobbying county officials and asking a court to postpone certification in Maricopa County, which includes Phoenix.

But in the absence of a court order – and, so far, courts have dismissed nearly every Republican challenge across the country – counties should certify on time and Katie Hobbs, Secretary of State and Democrat, should approve on final statewide certification.

No dispute is expected in Iowa or Nebraska that could delay certification.

It‘s the deadline for Nevada and Wisconsin, both won by Mr. Biden, to certify their results.

In Nevada, the first step is for county commissioners to certify the results and send them to the Secretary of State, who will present summaries to the Nevada Supreme Court. Ultimately, the governor will have to confirm the result. The Trump campaign has launched a baseless lawsuit claiming that Mr. Trump did in fact win Nevada, and conservative groups are trying to overturn the results, but those claims are very unlikely to lead anywhere.