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Here are the threats that terrorize election workers

Officials in some states have refused to confirm the threats against their election officials, fearing that acknowledging them would only make the problem worse. But published reports and interviews indicate that officials in battlefield states like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nevada and Arizona have also been threatened, as have election officials in less contested states like Virginia and Kentucky.

In Philadelphia, an aide to a Republican city commissioner was bombarded with abuse shortly after the Nov. 3 vote after a Trump supporter, former Florida attorney general Pam Bondi, singled him out at a televised press conference. Arizona Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs said last month that she and her family received “absolutely heinous” death threats after former Vice President Joseph R. Biden won the state electoral votes.

And in Phoenix, Adrian Fontes, who oversees the elections in Maricopa County, said he and his staff had been threatened in “numerous cases” in recent weeks. “It’s just not fair,” said Mr. Fontes, a Democrat. “And frankly, it’s not American.”

Not all threats came from supporters of the president. In Michigan, the Detroit Free Press reported, the Republican chairperson of the Wayne County Solicitors’ Council received emails containing photos of dead women and threats against her daughter after initially refusing to certify the election results. last month.

But Mr. Trump and his supporters have unleashed an attack on election results and procedures with little to no parallels in recent history. Michael Flynn, the recently pardoned former national security adviser to Mr Trump, on Wednesday called on the president to declare martial law and order a new military-supervised election.

Joseph DiGenova, a former US attorney who is an attorney for the Trump campaign, was disowned even by the White House after he said on Monday that Christopher Krebs, the federal cybersecurity official who considered the November election to be the safest of the story, should be “Went out at dawn and shot.”

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