Heavy snow forecast for the Great Lakes region of New York

Feb 16, 2021 Travel News

Heavy snow forecast for the Great Lakes region of New York

The winter storm is expected to hit much of New York state, with heavy snowfall along the Great Lakes until Tuesday morning, said Dave Samuhel, senior meteorologist at AccuWeather.

Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse could all have a foot or more of snow, with the region’s worst affected areas reaching up to 18 inches, Samuhel said.

New York City might not have snow, but the forecast was for freezing rain that could cause dangerous road conditions. As temperatures warm overnight, the rain is expected to get heavier.

It‘s a fast-paced but high-impact storm due to the heavy nature of the precipitation,” Samuhel said.

In response to the storm, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo ordered state agencies Monday afternoon to make emergency preparations for snow and ice. State officials have warned that travel conditions can become “at times extremely difficult.”

“This massive weather system is making its way across the country and is poised to deliver a double hit of snow, ice and high winds statewide for the next two days,” Cuomo said in a statement. . Adding that conditions could become “extremely dangerous,” Cuomo advised New Yorkers “to avoid unnecessary travel.”

State officials said they were ready to deploy emergency resources, including pumps, chainsaws, sandbags, generators, cots, blankets and water. bottled if conditions get bad enough.