Has President Trump kept his first term promises?  Let's look at 5 of them

Oct 31, 2020 Travel News

Has President Trump kept his first term promises? Let’s look at 5 of them

In fact, Mexico is not paying for it.

The barriers that have been built along the border so far have been paid for by US taxpayers.

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The fact that Mr. Trump is raising the wall as part of his ‘Promises Made, Promises Kept’ campaign speech doesn’t seem to bother his most loyal supporters, who see him more as the motto of a sports team they love. “I consider ‘building the wall’ symbolic,” said Amad Zarak, 20, a student in Gainesville, Fla. “It is a physical manifestation of the policy of restricting immigration. Overall, “he tries to keep his promises.”

Alan Sanchez, 57, a defense contractor from Maricopa, Ariz., Admitted the president had not. But he said he did what he could.

“He could have done better,” Sanchez said. “It would have needed the support of Congress. He did what he could. I am happy with what he did only because he had to fight tooth and nail and go to the Supreme Court to build a few kilometers.

The Department of Homeland Security argued that the new barriers have reduced the staff needed to staff certain areas and reduced unauthorized immigration. In Mr. Trump’s first year in office, illegal border crossings declined to the lowest point since the 1970s, but then increased to the highest point in a decade during the fiscal year 2019 before declining again this year during the pandemic.

With three Supreme Court justices and 25% of the federal judiciary now made up of people appointed by Trump, according to data from Russell Wheeler, a forensic expert at the Brookings Institution, the president has done better on this campaign pledge than maybe other.

His campaign boasts of having reversed the scales of three federal courts of appeal and shifted nine courts of appeal to the right. His appointment of Justice Amy Coney Barrett in the weeks leading up to the election could reshape abortion rights, immigration law and the regulatory power of government. Confirming a Supreme Court justice so close to an election was unprecedented, and Democrats billed it as an illegitimate takeover by Republicans.